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Galápagos for Easter

New visitor site for Integrity


Exquisite Turkey brochure at your mouse-click!

Turkey in Springtime



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The last charter opportunity in Galápagos?

The "hot" destination this spring

We have what may be the last charter opportunity this season:

March 29 - April 4, 2014 aboard Reina Silvia

This perfect weather week will make memories for years to come. A charter may be from two to sixteen guests and is perfect for family, friends, associates, and schoolmates.

The last Galápagos staterooms for Easter?

And one is perfect for catching the lunar eclipse in Galápagos

We have room for just a few more fortunate couples on Integrity and Reina Silvia over Easter:

April 10-20, 2014 aboard Reina Silvia - lunar eclipse 4/14
April 17-27, 2014 aboard Integrity

Call or email right away to learn everything from rates and logistics to what animals you'll see and how much sunscreen to bring.

Bill Roberson, President

Come see what's hatching!


New Galápagos visitor site for Integrity's Eastern Route - Punta Pitt

Nazca Booby | Blue-footed Booby | Red-footed Booby

Integrity will now visit Punta Pitt on all Eastern Routes beginning February 2014. Reina Silvia also visits Punta Pitt on her Eastern Routes.

"A steep gully leads up the cliff to a breeding ground for Boobies of all three varieties: Red-footed, Blue-footed and Nazca. It’s the only place in the Galapagos where you can see all three species nesting together. Two species of frigatebirds are also present, as are Swallow-tailed Gulls and Storm Petrels. The view of sea lions from the top of the cliff over the beach is magnificent, as are the contours of the barren, wind-eroded peaks of the island. The trail across the Punta Pitt site offers a closer look at the hardy vegetation that manages to thrive in this volcanic wasteland. From saltbush and spiny shrubs next to the beach the trail leads up to an area of Palo Santo trees, big yellow-green shrubs, tiny cacti and, in the dry season, carpets of red vesuvius."

Continuously refining—a hallmark of INCA craftsmanship.


Exquisite Turkey Brochure

view with a simple mouse-click

Now online for easy viewing, our 40-page seduction should leave you eager to experience Turkey first-hand. Click to view full screen.

To be further seduced, read below.

Then join us this May or September, the best times to visit this incomparable land.

An Exceptional Itinerary

In Turkey.
19 exquisite days, to the Origins of Civilization.

Float with incomparable silence on the cool pre-dawn air, the sun rising to illuminate the etched stone spires and caves of Cappadocia.

Setting the day alight in the Cappadocian skies.

Delve deep underground to explore the subterranean cities, secret cathedrals and rock churches of an ancient Troglodyte and Hittite realm.

Lighting up the dark:
centuries-old Cappadocian cave cathedral receiving a solar blessing.

Follow the Silk Road to the tomb of Rumi and the city of Catalhoyuk, its walls of Neolithic paintings, the first known urban center in the world.

Mevlâna, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, lies buried here. Strong reds and strong patterns decorate our picnic cushions.

Hike into the Taurus Mountains to the vast and beautiful ruins of Termessos—the waters and coastal plains of the Turquoise Coast unfolding below you.

Hiking never felt so good and the views are ever so rewarding.

Sail westward with us, visiting Byzantine strongholds and monastic centers, Lycian tombs and submerged ruins, lost Kayakoy and Kaunos and ancient Lydae.

Our coastal "home" awash in the light of a bright Mediterranean day.

In the aromatic pine forests of Euromus visit the Temple of Zeus, at Didyma the enormous Temple of Apollo, in Ephesus the Library.

Still breathtaking after all these years: the Library of Ephesus

Then Istanbul, east embracing west, a culture both ancient and modern, an experience of startling sensation—smells, sights, textures, and tastes.

Bosphorus cosmopolitanism. Byzantine perfectionism.

Savor gozleme and keskek, urfa kebab and lahmacun, manti and menemen: a fusion of cuisines unlike any in the world.

Food and drink as gifts of sharing:
making the bread, serving the kebabs, sharing the Turkish coffee.

Your accommodations will be exquisite, the opportunities for tranquility and relaxation as legion as the enticements to explore and experience.

Serenity in different styles: sweeping vistas at Four Seasons Sultanahmet, Istanbul; water and fire in stone at Argos, Cappadocia

Turkey: 19 exquisite days, to the Origins of Civilization.

Join us.

19 days | May 12-May 30, 14 | Sep 22-Oct 10, 14 | $9,995
14 days | May 17-May 30, 14 | Sep 27-Oct 10, 14 | $8,995

Turkey 2014

Call (510) 420-1550 for details or visit



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