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Southeast Alaska Adventures:

The Wild North
7 or 8 Days

The Inside Passage
8 Days

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Making your Inside Passage Dreams Come True

Southeast Alaska, the playground of brown bears and humpback whales, entices adventurers with its diverse wildlife, striking snow-capped peaks, dense forests and abundant marine life. Come experience the magic of Southeast Alaska on an active, intimate and educational adventure, INCA style. Hike to remote hot springs, spot grizzlies on shore and kayak in isolated bays: you discover Alaska's remarkable beauty every day.

Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage is a paradise, best appreciated while traveling in comfort with a small group of like-minded travelers—travelers who know that deep connections with nature are best achieved at a pace that gently awakens and overtakes your senses. Our Southeast Alaska adventures are just that kind of experience.

The long summer days start with richly-hued sunrises and end with sunsets that wash the sky, trees and mountains with soft, rich hues. The mirror-calm waters are disturbed only by feeding fish, a late returning puffin or a humpback whale taking air. You may be on deck with a steaming mug, sipping a fine vintage or gliding in a kayak through the glass. Aromas of breakfast or the roasting salmon that you caught may drift by—the silence broken by the cry of an eagle from a nearby spruce.

This is pure Alaskan magic in the INCA style.

Alaska Video
See Southeast Alaska come alive in our video introduction to this wonderful experience.

Alaskan luxury small-yacht cruising takes you to nearly arm's reach of glaciers. Photo Wes Walker

Alaskan luxury small-yacht cruising takes you to nearly arm's reach of glaciers. (Wes Walker)