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Sea of Cortez

Yacht cruising in Baja

Kids in Nature

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Sea of Cortez Adventures:

Baja's Whale Bounty
8 Days

Cousteau's Aquarium of the World
8 Days

Baja Yacht:

Safari Voyager

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The Sea of Cortez contains 31 species of marine mammals (one-third of the world's whale and dolphin species), 500 species of fish, 4,848 known species of marine macro-invertebrates and 626 forms of macroalgae.

The area provides nesting sites and migratory habitat for about 210 bird species (both terrestrial and marine). It also provides breeding grounds for colonies of sea lions and several types of marine turtles. Many of these species are found only in the Sea of Cortez.

In addition, the largely arid land rising from the coastal water is home to a number of endemic species, including the world's largest cactus and a variety of reptiles.

Sea of Cortez

Making your Baja Dreams Come True

The World's Aquarium. Just south of California lies an inland sea that is rightfully labeled one of the richest marine environments on the globe. Known as the Gulf of California, Sea of Cortez, or Sea of Cortés, and bordered by the arid Baja California Peninsula and Mexican mainland, life in the Sea of Cortez flourishes like nowhere else on earth.

Over 3,000 plant species have been identified in the desert, some of which grow nowhere else on earth, and in the sea, over 6,000 animal species have been identified in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the 100-foot-long Blue whale to the quiet beauty of bountiful reefs, the Sea of Cortez is, in a word, indescribable.

Follow the wind over the waters to the shores of Isla Espiritu Santo where white sand beaches lie untouched in the desert sun. Swim with sea lions and watch for Moorish idols and butterfly fish as you cool off on a snorkeling adventure. Wander among Cardón cactus and Palo Adán trees with your Naturalist, then set off in search for whales and other marine mammals. Converse with fishermen and their families in an isolated village. Enjoy a mule ride into the arroyos with a local ranchero. From the deck of your yacht, watch for pods of dolphins (sometimes numbering in the thousands) and Fin, Sperm, Blue and Pilot whales that call these waters home.

This is pure Baja magic in the INCA style.


Endemic Xantu Hummingbird, Baja

Endemic Xantu Hummingbird. Photo Weston Walker.


Yacht Cruising in Baja

By cruising, you experience Baja in ways not possible on a land-based adventure. You visit remote and protected places reachable by few, and spend your time in appreciation rather than logistics.

You get to know your fellow travelers—people you'll have more to talk about and laugh with as the days go by. They're people like you, curious about new places and able to appreciate roads less traveled. Hiking or kayaking side by side, you and your shipmates will form lasting friendships.

You also become familiar with your crew and staff, whose goal is to make every aspect of your journey a pleasure and to facilitate your adventures ashore. Throughout your voyage, you're accompanied by a knowledgeable Expedition Leader who offers timely narratives about the local history and wildlife, introduces you to local indigenous peoples, and keeps a lookout for wildlife. Humpback whales abeam while you're in the lounge? Your guide will sound the alert!

Dining is a true delight, a cornucopia of fresh local seafood, just-baked breads, hearty soups, exquisite entrees, sinfully delicious desserts. Dress is always casual. Of course, we're happy to plan for any special dietary needs, and if there's something you've got a craving for, let us know. Milestone events are celebrated in great style onboard.


"Kids in Nature" Cruises

Special Kids in Nature cruises are perfect for the entire family. There are no lower (or upper!) age restrictions and children travel at a special rate. Activities abound for youngsters of all ages. "Kids in Nature" departures are noted on the trip schedules.


"The week cruising the Sea of Cortez was a perfect mix of active adventure, relaxation, decadent dining and simple comfort. Highlights included whale watching (we were treated to 4 different whale visits by Blue Whales, Fin Whales, Pilot Whales and Humpback Whales), swimming with sea lions and kayaking in the brilliant aqua INCA manager Nicole Chirchill kayaking in Bajawater passing blue footed boobies, magnificent frigate birds and pelicans perched on rocks.

This trip is suited for all age adventurers! Guests decide how active they would like their day to be, options may include a sunrise paddle board, a mid-afternoon challenging hike up a mountain ridge, napping on the top deck and soaking in the hot tub at sunset…"

-Nicole Churchill
INCA Sales Manager