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Private Journeys and Charters

Sometimes you already know with whom you want to travel... 

two sleeping sea lions

...and what you want to do. Private Journeys are not only exclusive, but they're flexible and fun.

The INCA team is expert at conjuring your travel dreams into reality. Almost nothing is impossible, from seeing the elusive Mangrove Finch in Galapagos to a Turkish honeymoon, from landing arrangements for a private jet to exploring the depths of Peru's Parque Manu. Or even five days at Machu Picchu!

Do it your way!

Most private trips are for family groups of four to sixteen people who want to get away and enjoy uninterrupted time together, working with a special interest, be it flora, fauna, weaving, celebrating a family event, or relaxing.

Who are some of those that have selected INCA for their private adventures?

  • A museum director who wanted a trip more intimate and inclusive than the one her museum was hosting

  • Avid birders hoping to see all the endemic Galapagos species

  • A newspaper tycoon who liked to spend real time with his family

  • A sportswear company shooting its spring catalog

  • Weavers learning the Andean art of the backstrap loom

  • High tech entrepreneurs in search of low-tech inspiration and relaxation

  • A family including Galápagos on their private around-the-world jet tour

  • A surprise birthday for Grandma from her grandkids (and they all got to go, too)

  • Countless family groups getting away to enjoy uninterrupted time together, discovering nature and new cultures

Guide Richard Polatty and a band of lady pirates festively cross the equator on their private charter


On an INCA Private Journey, everything is included

Transfers, hotels, meals, extra services, cruises, tours, and more, just as on our regularly scheduled departures. What’s more, each trip is supported with our superb team of operators and guides. INCA’s planning resources – in combination with our great local connections – are at your disposal. Design a custom INCA adventure for your family, colleagues or friends, right down to the wines you taste, the markets you visit, and the level of snorkeling your gang desires.

  • Choose a private departure of an existing INCA trip

  • Travel on different dates that work better for your group

  • Add or cut days from an existing trip itinerary

  • Work with us to add personal flourishes to your trip

  • Or devise an all-new vacation!

Look over our itineraries, think about your special needs and interests, then email us at or call us at (510) 420-1550.

Together, we can develop your dream adventure!